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CAB Faby Skyline

only  $2,199

only  $2,899

Plus we will provide at NO EXTRA CHARGE: 3 FREE cases of our Deluxe Frozen Drink Mixes.  Enough for 438 – 16 fl oz drinks, Mixing Jugs, Flavor Labels, and Posters.

1 year parts & 1 year labor
Faby Skyline is a multifunction slush machine that can produce and dispense products such as slush, cream, yogurt, sherbets and alcohol-based products. Thanks to particular design choices and the use of plastic panels, it has been possible to create a design with the best air circulation in the category, giving the cooling system a long life and high performance even in extreme conditions.
Only 10 amps 110v for a 2 flavor machine
Only 13 amps 110v for a 3 flavor machine
Weighs 117lbs for a 2 flavor machine
Weighs 153lbs for a 3 flavor machine
  • Electromechanical system which makes the machine reliable at any temperature
  • Best air circulation in the category thanks to innovative design
  • Patented LED lighting system in the back of the tank that highlights the product and illuminates the cover
  • Opportunity to customize the front panels thanks to the presence of a transparent panel which allows the insertion and replacement of the custom artwork at any time
  • Opportunity to fill the tanks quickly thanks to the absence of electric wires in the cover
  • Protection of the switches through the side door
  • Night-mode operation which allows storage of the product with very low energy consumption
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain

Did you know that Steve’s Frozen Chillers, Inc. is one of the largest sellers of Frozen Drink Machines in the world?

We specialize in fitting the right Frozen Drink Machine for the right purpose. You need a different Frozen Drink Machine for your home than if you have a restaurant. For you home your Frozen Drink Machine doesn’t need to be a very high volume Frozen Drink Machine. Do you want a 2 flavor Frozen Drink Machine or a 3 flavor Frozen Drink Machine? All brands of Frozen Drink machines have differences, we know the differences and pride ourselves in helping you choose the right Frozen Drink Machine for your needs.

Every Frozen Drink Machine we sell comes brand new in a factory box with a full warranty.

When you purchase your Frozen Drink Machine/Margarita Machine from Steve’s Frozen Chillers, you also get Mixing Jugs, Flavor Labels, Cleaning Instructions, Our Deluxe Frozen Drink Mixes and Lube.

How to chose the right Frozen Drink Machine.

Is your new Frozen Drink machine for home or a business?
If your Frozen Drink Machine or Margarita machine is for your home, then you probably want one that is easy to use and has multiple flavors running at the same time. It has been our experience that the CAB Faby Frozen Drink Machines freeze the fastest. 

If it is for a business, do you sell Frozen Drinks now? If you already sell Frozen Drinks, are they currently being made with a blender or Frozen Drink Machine? How many Frozen Drinks are you currently selling per day?
If your Frozen Drink Machine is for your business, then you probably need something that freezes faster and is extremely reliable with very low maintenance. That would lead me to the CAB Faby Frozen Drink Machines / Margarita Machines / Slush Machines.