Freezer Pops

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Healthy Fruit Chiller Freezer Pops
Being served at many Public School Districts.

Healthy Fruit Chillers Freezer Pops which are a mainstay of the ala Carte programs at many of the larger school districts in the United States, also serve it once or twice a week on the plate as a fruit replacement.

Each all natural Freezer Pop is made up of 100% Fruit Juices. Each one provides 1 full fruit serving according to USDA regulations and meets all of the NSLP rules as well as the Smart Snacks In Schools rules.

Available in Orange (100% real Florida Orange Juice), Peach, Strawberry/Banana and Strawberry/Mango, they are also great for restaurants to include in their Kids Meals.

Now available for home enjoyment
at Whole Food Stores in Florida.