About us

In January 2001 Steve and David Schoenberg launched Steve’s Frozen Chillers, Inc. in their garage in Boca Raton, Florida. Starting with 6 flavors of slushies and 15 frozen drink machines they set out in search of customers. Within a week they had all of their machines placed in local businesses and they kept placing more frozen drink machines pretty much as fast as they could get them. Re-orders started flowing in and calls from other business owners that wanted Steve’s Frozen Chillers in their businesses.

Dave and Steve did everything…ordering, inventory, receiving, sales, deliveries, setups, service and anything else that came up. Susan was the next person to join the company, Steve’s wife and Dave’s Mom. She took over the bookkeeping and shipping. Brian (Dave’s younger brother) joined the rest of the family and took over handling most of the local business allowing Steve and David to concentrate on expanding the company in other areas.

These days Steve’s Frozen Chillers, Inc. has over 20 flavors of Frozen Drink Mixes, both for alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic. Frozen Cappuccinos, Frozen Energy Drinks, Skinny Iced Coffee, All Natural Freezer Tubes and Healthy Fruit Chillers.

You can find their  drink mixes and other products in thousands of accounts all across the United States in just about every type of business that sells food and beverages, as well as some of the largest school districts in the country.

Their 17,500 square foot headquarters is located at 3020 High Ridge Road, #600, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426.