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Frozen Drink Mix

We're famous for having the best tasting Frozen Drink Mixes, this is why most people want more!

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About Us

In January 2001 Steve and David Schoenberg launched Steve's Frozen Chillers, Inc. in their garage in Boca Raton, Florida. Starting with 6 flavors of slushies and 15 frozen drink machines they set out in search of customers. Within a week they had all of their machines placed in local businesses and they kept placing more frozen drink machines pretty much as fast as they could get them. Re-orders started flowing in and calls from other business owners that wanted Steve's Frozen Chillers in their businesses...

Our Team

Frozen drink mix
Steve Schoenberg Chief Executive Officer
Frozen drink mix
Sue Schoenberg Chief Financial Officer
Frozen drink mix
David Schoenberg President
Frozen drink mix
Brian Schoenberg Executive Vice President

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does is the shelf life on the drink mix?
  • Before mixing, Steve's Frozen Chillers guarantees all products for 1 year.
How long is the drink mix good after mixing?
  • After mixing with water, all of the liquid products are guaranteed for 1 week refrigerated, and the powdered products are guaranteed for 3 days refrigerated.
My frozen drink machine is not freezing?
  • Start by making sure there is good air flow on all sides.
  • Next check the switches, make sure they are all in the correct position. If there is a timer, also check the timer.
  • Next check the filter if the machine has one, make sure it is clean.
  • Try isolating the machine regarding the outlet and breaker. This is to make sure there is nothing else on the outlet or breaker using too machine electric, and not allowing the machine to get the proper amount voltage.
  • Lastly, unplug the machine for 5 minutes, then replug it.
What is the minimum order?

  • 1 case

Can I get a frozen drink machine for my house, I have alot of parties?

  • Yes, we sell alot of machines to individuals for their house, and we rent them in several areas of the United States. Give us a call.

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3020 High Ridge Rd #600, Boynton Beach, FL 33426

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